The True Story

 The True Vaccine Story: What your doctor really means when he says the benefits outweigh the risks!

“There are millions of people in the USA and over six billion people in the world.  So, to have a product that is forced on all of these people at about 30 dollars per vaccine, up to 100 times per person per lifetime (including 56 for kids by the time they are five, all the new teen and adult vaccines and boosters, and the flu shots yearly) is so  much money that my calculator cannot even fit all of the zeros on it when I try to figure the profits of vaccines.  These companies have absolutely NO liability for the deaths or injuries this product causes the people it is forced this is all profit.  The drug companies cannot be held legally accountable thanks to government intervention to protect them.  Doctors are also never sued for negligence or medical malpractice when they fail to follow the package inserts on vaccine use.  Doctors are never held accountable when a person is injured by a vaccine he ordered and instead, he calls it a coincidence and will continue to force the injured to vaccinate further as he makes more money.

So, when the doctor tells you, “the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks”, he or she is referring to the benefits to himself and the pharmaceutical companies, not about your health.  For the recipients of the vaccines, the risks outweigh the benefits for many reasons.  Vaccines don’t work, they are not safe, you have no legal recourse if you are harmed by them, and people are making billions of dollars on your ignorance as those very people damage your health and the health of your family members. Which by the way, keeps you blindly going back to them for even more “treatment”.  The benefits for them are tremendous while the people suffer.

The only immunity involved with the vaccine program is the peculiar immunity from liability for the drug companies, government workers and health care providers that inject us with these toxins.  The only infection we need to worry about, is the infected medical and health care system which has gone viral and is out of control with political and legal mutations over the years to protect it’s rapid and unbelievable growth.  Protect your minds first from this horrid virus of ignorance and greed which will quickly spread to the rest of your body and ruin your life.  Next time you hear someone say, “the benefits of the vaccine program outweighs the risks”, ask them for who?”

Kathleen Dunkelberger RN,BC,CLNC-MOM!


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